June 5, 2021
Project Management
June 6, 2021

Wireless Network Proposal

  1. You have been tasked with expanding your company’s wireless network. Your IT manager asked you to create a presentation that explains their current situation, wireless routers and their functions, and recommendations for the future.  She specifically said to include Business level  Wireless Access points and how you would manage multiple Access points.
  2. Create a less than 10 min brief but informative Power Point presentation that includes current company technology, comparisons of technologies, security concerns, and your recommendations for upgrades.  You may include images of actual Business class Wireless Access Points (WAP) from vendor websites as needed, being sure to cite your sources.  Include any up-to-date prices  and features from your research.  And of course you final recommendation for expanding the company wireless network.  Remember that this is a small business, not a home WiFi system.
  3. Use the voice record ability of Power Point to give your presentation.  or similar technology.
  4. Submit Givens:

Company in located over three floors of one building.  There are currently 6 wireless access points (WAP) that work together or can be managed centrally that are 8 years old.  The company is expanding to a total of 5 floors within the same building. You will need to accommodate 45 laptops on each floor , plus mobile/phone and tablets for each employee. There is a total of 250 employees. Laptops are all less than 3 years old.

Please consider how many devices a WAP can handle and can it be centrally managed. Home systems will not work. Don’t just read your Power Point to me.


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