What is the rationale for this process? 

Think about the clients you see in your own nursing practice and describe at least two barriers that hinder a plan of care with the pediatric population, that includes health promotion and wellness. 
February 13, 2018
Review Leading Health Indicators on the HealthyPeople Web site listed above.  
February 13, 2018

What is the rationale for this process? 


Scope of Practice

As discussed previously in this course, the administration of medications is primarily the responsibility of the nurse.

For this discussion:

•Think about your own nursing practice—can you think of a pharmacological agent that requires a second nurse to verify the medication and dosage before it can be administered to the patient? (at my job, no medication needs to be verified by a second nurse, so research a medication that needs to be verified by two nurses, for example, when giving a blood product, it needs to be verified by two nurses- you can use this example)

◦How is this typically done?

◦What is the rationale for this process?

◦Do you find that your coworkers implement this practice as ordered, or are shortcuts and work-arounds used to provide “lip service” compliance? (since I dont do this, research compliance in second nurse verification)

◦What are the potential problems with these work-arounds?

needs to be at least 150 words, with at least one APA formatted reference, and APA formatted reference throughout the text when their information is used.


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