What is an Engineer? What does an engineer do?

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December 19, 2017
In general, how much of an impact do you think your race has on your everyday life?
December 19, 2017

What is an Engineer? What does an engineer do?


HW01: Creating Your D4P Portfolio

This assignment is due in one week (due Sept-4) at 11:59PM. See BBLearn for assignment deadlines.

Complete a short introduction to yourself on Google Sites ( sites.google.com – use your NAU login information).

Save PDFs of the pages to submit to Bb Learn – read “Creating a PDF” for additional information.

Submit the link to your D4P Portfolio on Bb Learn – copy & paste to the “Add Comments” section. Help for Google Sites is provided here:  http://support.google.com/sites/?hl=en#topic=1689606.

Part 1: About Me

The main page of your D4P Portfolio should be an “About Me” section. Since this is your portfolio, choose a theme and add pictures to capture your personality that you wish to display. Remember that homework must be prepared and presented in a professional manner.

At minimum, answer the following questions.

  • Name
  • Where are you from?
  • What year are you?
  • What is your intended major? Why?
  • What do you hope to achieve though this class?
  • What is something unique about you (different from anyone else in the class)?

Part 2: Current Understanding

Create a new page (Google’s help is  here) to capture your current understanding of engineering and the four pillars of the D4P Program: Design, Communication, Teamwork, and Professionalism. Answer the following questions:

What is an Engineer? What does an engineer do?

What is Engineering Design? Why should we follow a Design Process?

Why is Communication important in engineering? How must an engineer communicate?

Why is Teamwork important in engineering? What are desirable characteristics of a good team member?

What does Professionalism mean? Provide specific examples.






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