Evidence based research week 3 Assignment
June 1, 2021
Psychology 800 Words Total
June 1, 2021

Week 2 Forum:

Week 2 Forum:

The submission MUST be at least 250

be based in the United States

article needs to be able to be located for free by all on the internet

Choose and identify this sub-field in
sociology: Soc. of Race & Ethnicity

1.   First, explain your understanding
of that sub-field of sociology above. 

      (This will
require some research – USE the American Sociological Association (ASA) site
http://www.asanet.org; many of these sub-fields have ASA

2.  Next, find AT LEAST one peer
reviewed journal article in your chosen sub-field (no more than 3 years old). Describe the article (what was
the purpose, findings, conclusion, recommendation). Explain why you selected
this particular article and how it contrast with your research topic.


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