this is are the answer of my classmate to our discussion now i need a comment on each one them. thank you.

Question: Think of an athlete or sport. Select a vegetarian diet and design a menu to accommodate the nutrition needs of an athlete. Provide a 1 day menu, including 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.· vegan· l
September 16, 2020
Was Ho Chi Minh a Communist?
September 16, 2020

this is are the answer of my classmate to our discussion now i need a comment on each one them. thank you.

this is are the answer of my classmate to our discussion now i need a comment on each one them. thank you. please number your answer so that i know which number you answered. Short and informative please.

1. Although there are 100’s of different types of cancers, a lot of them can be prevented and or diagnosed/treated early on to be cured. Cancers of the breast, prostate, cervix and skin are some that can be caught early on with screening. Our personal habits and lifestyle choices affect our overall health greatly in either a negative or positive way. Some lifestyle choices/ habits that can increase our risk of developing cancer are first the most preventable cause: smoking. Following smoking is eating a poor diet, being over weight, excessive consumption of alcohol and UV ray exposure. For the most part I try to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise often but unfortunately I live/work in an environment that puts me at risk for cancer. In the Campania region of Italy they have a public health crisis with the illegal dumping of toxic waste then burning it, putting carcinogenic fumes in the air. Fortunately, my time here is limited so I’m at less of a risk than the people that reside here for a lifetime. Hopefully, they will solve this environmental crisis sooner than later.

2.An individual’s choices can have a significant impact on their risk of developing cancers. One popular choice in our society is cigarettes, dip, and other tobacco use. Cigarette smoking is known to cause lung cancer and this information is highly advertised, even on the cigarette box, yet some individuals still choose to smoke. The same is true of tanning. The choice people make to expose themselves to UV rays increases their chances of certain types of cancer. Some people are at risk beyond their control because of their unintentional exposure to mutagens, or  chemicals in the environment that can cause changes in genetic material. This can include exposure to fertilizers and pesticides. 

3.Cancer has no cause, its like a lottery ticket, some get it and some people do not. However, there are numerous things that increase the risk of a person developing some form of cancer. Sometimes cancer may run in the family, meaning a few of your relatives may have had cancer. Although it is in the family does not necessarily mean you will get it, it just means there is a higher risk for you to develop cancer. Other risks include smoking, diet, physical activity, the sun, and being exposed to way too much radiation. Some people do a few of these things and still do not get it. You can never really tell if you are at risk but you can prevent it by eating healthy, exercising, not staying in the sun for too long, and avoiding smoking, as well as secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as bad as actually smoking, some say it may even be worse. 

In my life, I do not smoke but occasionally I run into being exposed to smoke. It is often in situations I can no control like riding in a car and someone just decides to light a cigarette.I also lack physical activity, I may be little but I do not do much exercising.

4. 47, XXY is a chromosomal mutation that results in the affected individual possessing an extra  (or several extra) X chromosome(s). Because these individuals possess a Y chromosome they are considered to be male. They have smaller than normal testes and may have breast tissue. While taller than average, these males often have feminine qualities like wider hips, belly fat, and a lack of facial or body hair. They may also have some learning difficulty. These individuals might also face behavior and emotional issues relating to the condition. 47, XXY could cause infertility or lowered fertility. Additionally, albeit rarely the individual could develop as intersex. 47, XXY mutation occurs during prophase of meiosis I or meiosis II depending on the cause. It is caused by a nondisjunction event. During meiosis II, this mutation occurs when the sister chromatids on the sex chromosome fail to separate. Interestingly, there are a couple ways this can occur. It usually occurs in either the sperm or the egg– for example a sperm with an xy chromosome joins a healthy egg, giving the cell three chromosomes instead of two (xxy). But also, much more rarely, the mutation can occur early in development and a failure to separate would cause the extra x chromosome to be copied in to some of the cells instead of all the cells (mosaic).  

5.Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome is caused by the deletion of the distal short arm of the fourth chromosome. The defect is replicated in the anaphase multiplying its effect until the syndromes characteristics are unavoidable. It’s an unfortunate disease and often fatal to new birth. The symptoms are seemingly endless but perhaps the worst are the continuous seizures. Not an easy read.

6.People with William’s syndrome are missing a genetic material from chromosome 7 and the gene elastin. This syndrome affect’s a child’s growth, physical appearance, and cognitive development. There is a break in the DNA molecule that make sup a chromosome. This chromosome usually breaks when the female and male gametes are developing; when it is fertilizing, William syndrome is developed. Williams syndrome causes children to have intellectual disability, heart defects, and unusual facial features. 

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