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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Theory Essay

In theory, nothing should go wrong, and professional statisticians would be comfortable with the lottery. But most of the city?s citizens are not statisticians, and at first glance, Bank?s criticisms seem credible. Why are some numbers picked more frequently than others? Wouldn?t 3530 picks in more than 700 lottery drawings be enough to even out the distribution? You decide to conduct the following test:Obtain recent winning lottery numbers from other cities.Examine whether the selection of these numbers is distributed like your city?s lottery numbers.If the numbers are similarly distributed, inform the public to reassure them. However, if the numbers are not distributed similarly, further investigation into your city?s number-selection method is required.Lottery officials have provided winning number combinations from pick-five lotteries in three other cities. In each case, the most recent 706 winning numbers are provided. You have not been told the names of the cities; you know only that the winning numbers come from cities designated A, B and C. An Access database named LotteryAnalysis.accdb contains the data and is available to you in the MN1505 subfolder within the Management folder on the DEPTS on ?NTSx? (R:) drive with the filename LotteryAnalysis.accdb.Does the algorithm produce many unusual ball values? Ball averages should be close to each other and in the range of 27 to 29.Does the algorithm favour the five numbers that Bank says people should select
Do the top five values in the other three cities follow your city?s top five pattern? The five most common frequencies should range from 71 to 85 which is your city?s range.
Does the algorithm favour any ball values? Do values repeat across the city lotteries?


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