The Strategic Purpose Of Training And Career Development

June 6, 2021
Planning a Needs Assessment II
June 6, 2021

The Strategic Purpose Of Training And Career Development

 Why do you believe organizations invest in training and career development programs for employees? How does the organization benefit? How can training and development support an organization’s strategic goals? Why should HRMs focus on the career development of employees? Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.



Chapter 8: Training and Development,The training and development aspect of HRM is likely one of the most important aspects of HRM. After you have gone through the time and effort to recruit, select, and compensate the employee, you will need to ensure career growth through continuing training, which is the focus of Chapter 8 “Training and Development”.

Chapter 9, “Managing Employee Performance” discusses some of the possible performance issues and how to handle those performance issues. We also discuss employee discipline and how to handle layoffs.

Chapter 10, “Employee Assessment” focuses on how to assess performance of the employee. We address performance evaluation systems and methods.


Required readings:

Training and Career Development (see content)

Recommended readings:

  • Liraz (nd) BizMove Business Guides: “Employee Training and Development” (HTML) Retrieved from: (General discussion about training and development)
  • Heathfield (2016) “Tips to Make Training and Development Work” (HTML)  (General article on how to make training work)
  • Springer (2011) Academic Earth:  “Protecting Human Capital” (YouTube) Retrieved from (Short video regarding making best use of employees)
  • The Importance of  KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)” (2009) Retrieved from
  • Juneja (nd). Career Development Overview
  • Juneja (nd). Benefits of a Career Development System
  • Conway (nd). Creating an Employee Career Development Plan
  • Heathfield (2018). Steps to Create a Career Development Plan
  • Heathfield (2018). 5 Tips to Improve your Career Development


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