The Power of Manding
April 6, 2021
Create a brochure using the Brochure Builder that explains the concept of community policing
April 6, 2021

Sociology Discussion 1

Sociology Discussion 1 

and Social Class
” Please respond to one
 of the following:

  • Sociologists explain deviance by three (3) major perspectives:
    biological, functional conflict, and symbolic interaction. Identify your role,
    for example, as a parent and which perspective best reflects your personal
    experience. Discuss the main reasons why this perspective is relevant. 
  • Review Figure 7.1: “Class in the United States” on page 159 of
    the textbook, in particular, the typical incomes. Speculate on the typical per
    capita income for your area. Next, go to the United States Census Bureau’s
    Website, located at, to determine
    the actual per capita for your county or region. Compare your perception of
    your area’s per capita and the actual per capita for your area. If you were
    close, provide a rationale for your speculation. If there was a major
    discrepancy between your speculation and the actual per capita, suggest a
    reason for the discrepancy.


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