Research Questions
June 10, 2021
Addressing Culture and HRM in Mergers
June 10, 2021


Assignment Content

  1. Answer the questions listed below based on the attached essay provided in the file above. It is the file listed as EN109 Sample Student essay.
    Please number each response and Answer in complete sentences. Provide explanations and examples in your answers.

    1. Identify the thesis of the essay and write it in your own words.
    2. What is the general subject classified in this essay? Be specific and include an explanation.
    3. What is the basis of classification used in this essay? Explain
    4. The author presents her categories in the order from the best to the worst. What are these three categories? Why do you think they were presented in this order? Explain
    5. Identify 3 transition words/phrases used in this essay. (Pay attention to transitions that introduce categories or move the essay along.) Include where they are located and provide explanations for why you think each of the transition words or phrases were used.


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