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One of the key functional areas of nursing informatics that is relevant to my current position is education and professional development. The ANA states that education and professional development is the education of end-users to use a device or application so that following generations of healthcare staff can also be educated (“Nursing Informatics: The Intersection of Technology and Clinical Practice,” 2018). Our hospital does its best to keep up to date with the latest medical devices that are backed with evidence-based practice. While this is great for improving patient care, this also means a lot of new training for healthcare staff. For example, our hospital has just begun using new female external catheters that are excellent for post-surgical use when foleys are not indicated. All the nurses and healthcare techs needed education on these, but the training was only over a few days. This means those who were at work for the training had to teach other staff who were not there for those training days.

One informatics competency that I need improvement on is analysis. The ANA defines this as the ability to use data to synthesize knowledge, inform decision support and manage outcomes as well as taxonomies (“Nursing Informatics: The Intersection of Technology and Clinical Practice,” 2018). I need to improve on this competency because I rarely look at data to help my practice. By using synthesized data and reading the reports that my hospital creates, I can understand demographics, patient trends, and the hospital in general better. Another informatics competency that I can improve on is policy advocacy. By advocating for policies, I can help voice concerns or improve nursing practice in my hospital. In addition, this can help other nurses understand the importance of these policies. These competencies are important because it helps nursing stay up to date with the evolution of technology in healthcare (Westra, 2008). These competencies can be developed through furthering my education in informatics. For example, I can read new nursing journals, reading an overview on the ANA scope of nursing informatics competencies, and staying up to date with my hospital’s informatics policies.

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