Research  Report       Task:   Your  boss/stakeholder  in  your  project  has  asked  you  to  write  an  informative,  interesting,   analytical,  recommendations  research  report  on  one  of  the  topics  below

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December 20, 2017
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December 20, 2017

Research  Report       Task:   Your  boss/stakeholder  in  your  project  has  asked  you  to  write  an  informative,  interesting,   analytical,  recommendations  research  report  on  one  of  the  topics  below

Research  Report       Task:   Your  boss/stakeholder  in  your  project  has  asked  you  to  write  an  informative,  interesting,   analytical,  recommendations  research  report  on  one  of  the  topics  below  (see  list  of  topics  or   choose  a  topic  of  your  own  and  ask  me  to  approve  it).  Following  the  report  format  (Week  6  and   7  Content)  you  will  investigate  this  topic/issue,  provide  researched  information  about  various   aspects  on  the  topic  and  conclude  with  a  list  of  recommendations  (based  on  your  research   findings).  A  sample  report  will  be  discussed  in  Week  7.     Research  Component:

• Include  at  least  five  sources  from  places  such  as  the  Internet,  newspapers,  magazines,   books,  interviews,  etc.

• At  least  one  of  these  sources  must  be  peer  reviewed.  You  must  include  at  least  one   citation  or  paraphrase  from  each  source,  using  the  APA  style  of  documentation.

• Please  ensure  you  consult  the  CRAAP/COCOA  for  reliability  of  sources  (Week  4  Content).   • There  must  be  a  References  page  at  the  end  of  your  report  that  should  be  linked  to  your

in-­‐text  references.       *Note:  Wikipedia  is  not  an  acceptable  source  and  will  not  count  towards  your  research   component.     Requirements:

• Format:  formal  report  addressed  to  me  OR  to  your  boss/stakeholder   • Length:  approx.  15  pages  long,  including  graphics  and  References  page   • Components:  title  page,  table  of  contents,  list  of  figures,  executive  summary,

introduction,  body,  conclusions  &  recommendations,  appendix  (if  applicable),  References   • Pattern:  direct  or  the  indirect,  depending  on  your  audience   • Correct  APA  format  throughout,  including  in-­‐text  citations  and  References  page  (for

information  regarding  APA  format,  consult  the  Purdue  University  Online  Writing  Lab:   APA  Formatting  and  Style  Guide)

• Organization:  sections  with  effective  headings  and  subheadings   • Full  block  format;  single-­‐spaced,  1  blank  line  between  paragraphs;  main  sections  start  on

a  new  page   • Font:  Times  New  Roman  12-­‐point  for  text.  You  can  use  larger  font  for  headings.     • Style  and  Grammar:  Apply  all  of  the  principles  of  effective  business  communication,

including  correct  punctuation,  grammar,  and  spelling   *Note:  this  should  be  a  recommendations  report-­‐  not  an  informational  report.  Overall   you  are  providing  the  reader  with  information  (in  the  beginning)  about  your  topic  to   eventually  convince  them  of  your  recommendations  (at  the  end).


This  list  of  possible  topics  may  form  the  basis  of  your  research  reports  (depending  on  breadth   and  scope  of  material  available).    You  may  also  submit  a  topic  for  approval  outside  of  this  list  via   email.

• Developing  a  marketing  partnership  with  HR  to  support  corporate  brand   • A  marketing  response  to  changing  customer  requirements:  the  drive  towards  wellness   • Identifying  internal/external  customers  and  meeting  their  needs   • Development  marketing  platforms  within  the  recruitment  cycle   • Developing  long-­‐term  customer/employee  relationships   • Identifying  and  creating  new  markets  –  new  strategies  for  Marketing   • Developing  competitive  marketing  strategies  internationally   • How  a  brand  promise  drives  change  in  a  multinational  organization   • Brand  repositioning  and  communications   • Corporate  versus  product  branding   • Developing  a  marketing  partnership  with  other  departments  to  support  corporate  brand   • Identifying  internal/external  customers  and  meeting  their  needs   • Developing  long-­‐term  customer/employee  relationships

Late  Penalty:   Late  assignments  will  be  penalized  at  a  rate  of  10%  per  day  (including  weekends).  After  3  days,   the  Dropbox  will  close  and  assignments  will  no  longer  be  accepted.     Academic  Integrity:     All  papers  will  be  checked  for  plagiarism  using  Turnitin.  Please  make  sure  you  reference  your   sources  correctly  and  view  your  %  of  copied  text.  It  is  acceptable  for  this  report  to  have   approximately  15-­‐20%  of  matching  text  to  your  references  and  or  in-­‐text  quotations.  If  you  are   concerned  please  check  the  Turnitin  score  before  the  due  date.  Submissions  cannot  be  altered   after  the  due  date  has  passed.

Evaluation  Criteria:

RESEARCH  REPORT  GRADE     Report  structure/  sections:     1.  Title  page,  table  of  contents,  list  of  figures,  executive  summary   /10   2.  Introduction

• Topic  chosen  is  specific,  focused,  and  appropriate   • Report  addresses  important  questions  related  to  topic   • Introduction  explains  importance  of  this  research,  provides  background  about

business  situation  or  problem  to  be  solved     • Intro  mentions  solution/  proposal  (for  direct  pattern  reports)


3.  Findings,  Analysis,  and  Recommendations   • Specific  and  pertinent  facts  are  provided  about  topic   • Facts  and  ideas  are  presented  clearly   • Recommendations,  if  applicable,  are  based  on  findings   • Summary,  if  applicable,  is  an  appropriate  recap  of  main  points


Use  of  Sources   • At  least  5  appropriate,  high-­‐quality  sources  used  effectively  to  support  findings

and/or  recommendations   • Source  material  integrated  well,  with  appropriate  signal  phrases,  in-­‐text

citations,  parenthetical  references,  etc.   • APA  format  used  without  error


Formatting,  readability,  and  usability  of  document     • Correct  report  format   • Sufficient,  consistently  written,  and  formatted  headings  to  guide  reader   • Some  information  presented  graphically  via  charts,  diagrams,  tables,  etc.  (taken

from  sources  or  created  by  student)   • Long  paragraphs  avoided  in  favour  of  manageable  paragraphs  and/or

bulleted/numbered  points,  where  appropriate   • Appropriate  tone  (objective,  formal)


Free  of  all  grammatical,  spelling,  and  stylistic  errors                                    /20   TOTAL                       /100


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