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June 7, 2021
June 7, 2021

Research Assignment

Research Assignment 2

research project will give the graduate student an opportunity to think
independently to address issues in an area of network security that is of
interest to the student. The work should be documented in the form of an analytic
research paper, which includes a review of the recent literature of a topic
approved by me.  

To get my approval, please
submit a short research proposal (no more than 2 pages, double spaced) of your
topic (Title, Abstract and Bibliography) by the fourth week of the
You may supplement and/modify the references
proposed in the final report. There is no
grade for this proposal. However, your failure to get my blessing may lead to
doing the research project “at risk.” Your final report may be turned down
leading to no point for the research paper.

The research project
should review the literature, distill the primary issues, discuss the various
possible solutions to the issues raised, identify “trends,” and
formulate a position. The final output
is a paper, 10-12 pages double-spaced, exclusive of cover, title page, table of
contents, endnotes and bibliography. The paper must use APA formatting and
reference citations with the exception that tables and figures can be inserted
at the appropriate location rather than added at the end
. This report is
due at the end of the 11th week of
the course. 

The paper will account for 20%
of the semester grade.
The paper will be
graded on technical content, format, clarity, and writing skill. The rubric for
the paper is as follows:

  • Abstract (Short
    summary of problem, approach, expected/final result): 5%
  • Clear statement of
    problem(s) investigated: 10%
  • Technical Content
    (depth and accuracy of information and analysis, originality): 50%
  • Results and
    Conclusion: 15%
  • Clarity, organization,
    grammar and spelling: 10%
  • Sufficient and
    appropriate references and their citing (in APA Style): 10%


  • Secure Internet
  • Distributed denial of
    services attacks
  • Web security
  • Email security
  • Traffic analysis
  • Wireless network
  • Mobile ad hoc network
  • Sensor network
  • Creating and managing
    wireless security policy
  • Creating and managing
    firewall security policy
  • Security threats in
    TCP/IP networks (in one or more layers)
  • Securing virtualized
  • Defining corporate
    mobile policies
  • “Bring Your Devices”
    security policy
  • Enterprise network
    firewalls – case studies and solutions
  • Cloud computing

are only general suggestions in a random order. If you have a specific topic,
in which you have interest, please describe it, so I can evaluate its
suitability. Remember, that since most of the topics are very broad, you should
narrow down your research to some specific subtopic or technical aspects related
to the subject. Ideally, try to focus upon real situations in an organization.

(Plagiarism) and Use of Turn tin

“Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional presentation of another
person’s idea or product as one’s own. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited
to the following: copying verbatim all or part of another’s written work; using
phrases, charts, figures, illustrations, or mathematical or scientific
solutions without citing the source; paraphrasing ideas, conclusions, or
research without citing the source; and using all or part of a literary plot,
poem, film, musical score, or other artistic product without attributing the
work to its creator. Students can avoid unintentional plagiarism by carefully
accepted scholarly practices. Notes taken for papers and research projects
should accurately record sources of material to be cited, quoted, paraphrased,
or summarized, and papers should acknowledge these sources in footnotes.”

According to the UMUC policy,
in this class students are required to submit their papers to Details regarding using this service can be found in the LEO classroom. Please contact me for any problems you may have.

will be required to submit your paper to Triton and achieve a similarity index
of 10 or less. You are required to submit both the research report and the Triton
Originality Report.

penalties on plagiarism include a zero or a grade of F on the work in question,
a grade of F in the course, suspension with a file letter, suspension with a
transcript notation, or expulsion.

will be required to submit your paper to Triton and achieve a similarity index
of 10 or less. You are required to submit both the research report and the Triton
Originality Report.


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