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September 16, 2020
A region periodically experiences ample rainfall and ideal temperatures. If the population also experiences little disease at that time, the region…
September 16, 2020

Research Analysis

As we’ve seen from Snyder’s On Tyranny , some themes and ideas are timeless. For Research, you will research what scholars were discussing about tyranny from the era of one of the three literary artifacts explored in the course, and additional sources as needed.


  • ● You must write a research proposal (description below) as a first step toward completing this assignment (2 pages)
  • ● Your paper must be 6-8 pages in length, not including your Works Cited page
  • ● You must choose one literary artifact from the course ( Brave New Worlds , V for
  • ● You must include least four scholarly sources from the era of the literary artifact.
    • Brave New World : 1920-1940
    • V for Vendetta : 1970-1980
    • The Interview : 2000-Today
    • ○ You must utilize On Tyranny as needed in your paper.
    • ○ You must cite all sources properly using MLA Style for in-text citation and

Vendetta , or The Interview ).

Works Cited page


Write a paper in which you use a literary artifact and scholarly sources to discuss ideas of tyranny from the era of the literary artifact of your choosing . Your goal in this paper is to devise entirely your own argument about your chosen subject, using both course material and research sources to support your ideas. Thus, this paper requires that you present a clear, informed position on a narrowly-defined topic of your choice.

The rest of my Sources:

Al-Jazeera, “Syria’s War Explained From the Beginning

Reason, “Escaping Tyranny in North Korea”…

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