Proposed Evidence-Based Change Project Plan

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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Proposed Evidence-Based Change Project Plan

Topic is below:

Over The Past 10 Years, In Older Adults in The Outpatient Setting, How The Use of Electronic Communication, Versus Mobile Phones, Enhanced Patient and Provider Communications?

Develop a proposed evidence-based change-project plan specific to the environment you are using to implement your change project. Your environmental assessment will include a work breakdown structure, a budget plan, and a measurement tool.

  • Develop an environmental assessment of your change project area and its readiness for the specific change project you are going to implement.
    • Include a work breakdown structure. For example, you could create a (timeline/task list/Gantt chart)—a hierarchical definition of the planned tasks and activities of a project that normally begins with the highest-level activities and works downward into the individual tasks.
    • Include a proposed project budget (table or spreadsheet) for the project that addresses the needed personnel, equipment, and supplies that may have associated costs.
    • Include your measurable evaluation methods (indicators/metrics). Include the actual measurement tool you will use and describe any of the following that are applicable to your project: cost savings, improved efficiencies, access to care (visits/procedures/admissions), patient/family satisfaction, associate satisfaction, associate engagement, retention, clinical outcomes, injury prevention, and risk reduction.

    Enclosed please find a sample project and the rubric for this course.

  • 5 pages all in apa format, no plagiarism.
  • Remember to include in text citations.

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