Potential Investment Evaluation Report, accounting homework help

April 6, 2021
Comprehensive learning Assessment I
April 6, 2021

Potential Investment Evaluation Report, accounting homework help

The following is the assessment task

The basis of the project assumes that you are a potential investor and the purpose of the report is to evaluate the chosen entity as a potential investment opportunity.The report should address the following issues at a minimum:


a critical review of other influencing factors in terms of a

potential investment in this entity. Consider the additional

narrative content provided in the published financial statements

and in particular the directors’/chairman’s report and the

Operating and Financial Review (OFR).2-Provide an

overall conclusion on the investment decision, clearly outlining the

positives and negatives of an investment in this entity and

identifying any additional information which may be desirable.

between 350 to 400 words per section

The following is the company we assigned to us , we are looking at years 2016 mainly and compare it to 2015 you can find all the information here https://investors.totalproduce.com/investors/repor… 2015 annual report https://investors.totalproduce.com/~/media/Files/T… 2016 annual report : https://investors.totalproduce.com/~/media/Files/T…


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