Natural Selection and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium discussion
February 24, 2021
Nurse Leader Interview
February 24, 2021


Identify the vulnerable population in detail.
Identify health risks and needs of the vulnerable population.
Identify resources that are available and those needed but not available.
Describe service gaps/interventions that could be used (primary, secondary, tertiary) that could fill gaps in resources.
Summarize your findings for each of the different categories.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to communicate your observations and research.
Include the proper file naming convention: PRN208_wk10_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy
Vulnerable Populations to consider from the textbook:

Poor and homeless persons

Pregnant adolescents

Migrant workers and immigrants

Severely mentally ill individuals

Substance abusers

Abused individuals and victims of violence

Persons with communicable disease

People at risk of disease transmission

Persons who are HIV positive

Persons with Hepatitis B virus

Populations at risk of a sexually transmitted disease

Other suggestions:



Battered/abused women

Women with high risk pregnancies

Women with no risk to prenatal care

Recovering substance abuse

Substance abuse

Community Research PowerPoint
Prepare a power point presentation that identifies each of the following.
Include and introduction, citation and reference slide.
I. Population; Describe in detail:

Socioeconomic status
Health/Lifestyle Behavior
II. Health Risks; Identify and explain:

Health promotion
Health risks
Specific health needs
Include what resources are required to ensure health
III. Resources; Identify and describe the following availability in the community


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