Understanding the Ethical Considerations of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
June 8, 2021
Mental health theories
June 8, 2021

Philosophy discussion

In appropriate detail, explain how according to Bartky the disciplinary practices that shape a docile feminine body, also produces a female subjectivity that is both self-policing and empowered. Among other things, your response must analyze the phenomenon of  “internalization,” and the deceptive and self-deceptive mechanisms that produce the illusion of individuality, as they correspond to the anonymous, dispersed regime of power in modernity.

Finally, evaluate whether Bartky’s proposal of possible resistance to discipline is viable or not, given her own views about the pervasiveness of the discipline that produces the female subject.


reading page: 129-151

at least 400 words count

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES! Only file attached!


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