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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Nurse Leader Interview

Assignment – Nurse leader interview: APA format, Zero plagiarism.


This assignment allows the student to gain insight into nursing leadership roles via an interview of a local nursing leader. Note! You are expected to interview this leader!! Your paper should be written from this perspective.


You may conduct your interview via personal meeting (practicing safe distancing), telephone interview, and/or email with follow-up to clarify any information.

Choose a nurse leader that agrees to be interviewed. Using a structured and organized interview process, the student will be able to describe the leadership style and leadership skills of the nursing leader as well as reflection of personal leadership traits. The focus for the challenge in health care section should relate directly to managing these units, facilities, etc. during the COVID pandemic and what has been implemented for best management practices and safety.

Reading: Sullivan, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4. See textbook attached


Interview this nurse leader/manager (RN), discussing the following elements in your nurse leader paper:
Choose a nurse leader that agrees to be interviewed and discuss why you chose this person.
Analyze and describe the nurse leader’s leadership traits and style using examples from your course textbook and relevant journal articles.
Describe the organizational structure, health care setting or health care model where your nurse leader practices.
Describe how your leader positively addresses a challenge in health care (as described in Chapter 1 of your Sullivan text).
Paper length is 5 pages excluding title page and reference page. The paper should follow APA guidelines.


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