Wk 2 – Qualitative Research Case Study
April 5, 2021
HD-DVD versus Blu-ray
April 5, 2021


Your organization has expanded its network from one subnet to two subnets and is putting 200 computers on the new subnet, with plans for adding up to 100 more computers over the next few years. Currently, it’s using DHCP for the existing subnet and has a scope configured with start address and end address with a prefix length of 24. The DHCP server is in the main data closet where the router is placed to route between the subnets. The current DHCP server runs Windows Server 2012 , is performing well, and has plenty of unused computing resources (CPU, Memory, and so forth). You need to configure DHCP for the new subnet at the lowest cost possible. What do you recommend for adding DHCP services to the new subnet? Propose a DHCP configuration and the scopes start and end addresses and prefix length for the new subnet.



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