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June 6, 2021
Economic Discussion
June 6, 2021

Netflix Case Study

Netflix Case Study

Case Preparation:

the cases are graded per the rubric. Any analysis details should be covered in
an appendix. The BoD would want your recommendations with the proper
support.  Do not go to the Internet to find, for example, a SWOT analysis
and use it for your case.  You are expected to do the research and develop
your own strategic analysis.

In doing
your cases you will need a minimum of five references outside the Case material
from Thompson.  The Thompson information is to get you started. (Do not
use just the data from the case.) One of the references should be the company’s
latest 10K report. Wikipedia and QuickMBA type sources do not count. 
Certainly do not use websites that develop term papers or do strategy analysis
on these cases and publish them. Use current business websites to find out
about recent developments.

The case
study analysis allows you to apply your knowledge to the real world. Your goal
is to identify the major problem confronting the subject company and provide a
strategic solution for the problem. Each of the companies that you will be
studying faces different situations in the marketplace. Your analysis of the
case using strategic management tools and tools that you have learned in other
classes will allow you to interpret what is going on in the companies in the
marketplace. To fully understand the case you will need to collect data and
interpret it. You must also isolate the critical issues that the company
faces.  Remember that in the words of Lord Kelvin, “that anything
that cannot be expressed in numbers represents knowledge that is of a poor and
uncertain kind.” You will have to get into the numbers, ratios, annual
performance change, etc.

identifying the critical issues you can generate alternatives to address the
company’s competitive situation. Evaluating these alternatives allows an
organization to select one course of action. With a course of action defined
the strategic manager can then provide a plan for implementation this is what
you are to do on the case studies. Always refer to the rubric for the critical
points to cover. The format for the case studies should be as follows.

In addition
to the APA cover page, you need a one page, single
spaced executive summary for the case as noted below. This one-page
report should use headings and subheadings to identify the critical issues.
Begin with your understanding of the situation in a problem statement. Follow
this with a concise presentation of your analysis and the alternatives you see.
Recommend one course of action and support that recommendation with facts and
other information, such as competitor’s moves. The last item is presents a plan
for implementation. After the one-page summary you proceed with the body of
your presentation.  The summary page should encapsulate your understanding
to the problems facing the company, a brief summary of the strategic analysis,
financial analysis, the alternatives considered and a single recommendation
with an implementation plan.

After the
executive summary page, you are to use standard APA formatting and a 4 to 5 page expansion upon the points you have
made in the executive summary. Tables, charts, graphs, etc. are to be put in
the appendix and referenced from the body of your paper
. Deductions may be taken for papers where the body is longer
than six pages. Remember, in management you must get your thoughts
across quickly if you expect your work to be read. Long reports generally wind
up in a stack awaiting reading at some future date (which never comes).

Case Study Report Format:

Your report should include:

NSU Cover page (1 page in length).  It will present the name of the
case and the author(s) of the report.

Executive Summary (1 page in length). 

The Executive Summary is a concise overview of the report.  The Case Study
Report should be written from the perspective of an
outside consultant, writing to the Board of Directors of the firm
.  It notes the essential points of the report
and should have the following sections:

Problem Statement: State the main
problem facing the firm (or industry) in one, succinct sentence.

Analysis: Summarize the main
findings of your analysis.  You may use bullet points, bold, italics – any
means to convey and highlight the key factors you have determined based on your
analysis. Don’t repeat items from the body of your report like the SWOT. 
Summarize the major issues.

Alternatives:  State briefly
(one sentence or a bullet point each) 2 or 3 alternative courses of action that
could be implemented

Recommendation:  Choose one
course of action and support your choice.

Implementation:  Briefly (2 or
3 sentences) present how the plan would be implemented.  This tests the
viability of the choice.  For example, your plan would demonstrate that
the company has the people, financial resources and time to implement your

These bullets should appear in your
paper. The following is a precise format of the Case Studies.

FORMATTING for Executive Summary:

· Single-space

· One inch all margins

Use bullet points, lists, or other
means to convey information briefly.  Further explanation can be found in
the main body of the report.

Use headings and subheadings to
organize the material in an easy to read and understandable manner that
highlights the essential points of your analysis.

Do not include a summary or overview
of the firm in your report.  All parties are knowledgeable and need no
background presented.   

for the body of the report

  • Double-spaced

·        Page numbers

·        One inch all margins

·        All responses should be in full sentences and paragraph
form.  Bullets or lists should be explained in the text.

·        Appendices should be explained in text, numbered and labeled

·        No grammar or spelling mistakes

  • The body of your paper should be in standard APA
    format, with appropriate
  • Remember that cases are graded per the rubric.
    The Case Study rubric can be found in the Rubric file. 

Netflix 10K


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