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April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

Movie reflection

This movie reflection is to be 2-3 pages on the movie “Still Alice” along with this is a rubric that i need you to follow closely. MY FINAL GRADE DEPENDS ON IT!!

Rubric for CMD Book or Movie (possible 10)

Name:  _______­­­_________________________________________________________________________

Instructor:  Jennifer Wiles, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS Cert AVEd










 2 complete/ excels1.5

Needs improvement




incomplete/ lacking

1. Overall WritingWell organized and well written. Accurate information. No writing/ spelling errors.


3-4 writing/ spelling errors.5-7 writing/ spelling errors.More than 7 writing/

spelling errors.


2. Good Introduction and ConclusionGood introduction and conclusion that sets the stage and summarizes the main points that you took away from the book/movie and will discuss in your reflection.Main points not clear or well defined in introduction or conclusion not sufficient to sum up your main “take aways” from the book/ movie and the material included in your reflection.


Both the introduction and the conclusion are not well developed and represent your main “take aways” that were discussed in reflection.


No introduction or conclusion included. 
3. Good Summary of Video/BookBrief but complete summary of book/ movie included to set the stage for your personal reflection.  Summary is sufficient to set the stage for the main points you took away from the book/ movie.Summary provided but insufficient to set the stage for the main points you will address in your reflection.Summary is weak.  It is unclear that the student read entire book/ watched entire movie.Summary of book/video not included in reflection. 
4. Well defined and discussed lessons learned from the movie.  Things you may wish to consider: 1. Key characteristics of the CMD, 2. how did CMD impact individual’s communication, cognition, social life/ development, vocation, self-esteem, independent, self-advocacy, 3. Impacts on the family unit 4. Anything else that stands out to you.



At least 4 major “take aways” addressed in reflection. The discussion of each “take way” is well developed and thought out with ideas clearly discussed.3 major “take aways” addressed in reflection in a clear, well developed and discussed  manner OR  4 “major “take aways” addressed  but the discussion of each is not clear or well developed and explained.1-2 major “take aways” addressed in reflection and/ or poorly discussed/ not clear.Student is unable to discuss any major “take aways” in reflection. 


2 complete/ excels1

Needs improvement



5. Discussion of How What you Learned Affects the Development of Your Professional PhilosophyStudent discusses in detail how the main “take aways” affect (change or reinforce) their professional philosophy.Student does not give much thought to what their professional philosophy is and unable to convey how the movie or book was able to change or reinforce it.  Very unclear or vague in explanation.Student does not discuss/address how the main “take aways” affect their professional philosophy. 

Comments of Instructor:



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