Managing Quality & Operations Operations Management

April 6, 2021
Enterprise Systems
April 6, 2021

Managing Quality & Operations Operations Management

Please provide two pages of notes from Operations Management, 13th ed, Stevenson, McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13: 978-1-259-66747-3 for midterm exam.

Chapter 1: supply chain, transformation, systems approach.
Chapter 2: productivity, competitiveness.
Chapter 3: not reviewed in class.
Chapter 4: QFD, Kano Model, service blueprint.
Chapter 4-S (Reliability): basic reliability in parallel, basic reliability in series, failure rate as function of time.
Chapter 5: measures of capacity.
Chapter 5-S (Decision Theory): decision environment, decision making under uncertainty, decision making under certainty, decision making under risk, basic sensitivity analysis, decision trees.
Chapter 6: Process types.
Chapter 8-S (transportation model): basic LP model (concept and layout) for the transportation problem.
Chapter 9: Dimensions of product and service quality, costs of quality, basic quality tools (fishbone diagram, pareto diagram.

Chapter 10: Inspection points, optimal inspection amount, basic control charts, Taguchi cost function.
Chapter 19: Basics of LP – objective function, contraints, decision variables, parameters, basics of graphical method (interpretation), RHS.


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