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April 6, 2021
"Roles Of A Forensic Psychologist" Please Respond To The Following:
April 6, 2021

Managerial Ethics Interview

Task 1  (half a page)

Which one of the following case studies was more interesting? Why?

( Case study Topics studied during the semester: Hyatt Regency Collapse, Challenger Disaster, and Incident at Morales )

Which one of the case studies was more interesting? Why?


Task 2  (3 pages)

Essay about Managerial Ethics Interview (structural engineer)

Summarize your findings in a three-page paper covering the following

  1. What did you learn that was especially valuable and adds to what you already know…Do not just repeat what the person said or repeat common sense phrases (e.g., “I learned safety first.”) Go deeper than that. Sometimes a person will tell you of bad experiences they had and how they learned from them. These lessons can be interesting. Depth would be including giving your ideas on what to look for to forestall ethical problems or how to handle them when they occur.


  1. Think through the responses of the interviewee and make your best assessment as to which moral theories or framework(s) seem to characterize their decision making (e.g., utilitarian, deontological, virtue, and existentialist ethics). You should pick a few questions from the list (or make up your own) that would be helpful in inferring how the person works through moral dilemmas when they occur. Briefly explain the theory and then provide reasons and examples to show that the interviewee would correctly be characterized as you claim.


Interview someone who is working in a supervisory, managerial, or executive with at last two years of supervisory experience,

Use the following 3 discussion questions,

  1. Do you think that most employees are ethical?
  2. Have you ever felt pressured by your current or a previous employer to violate your sense of ethics?
  3. Under what circumstances, if any, do you think an employee should break the chain-of-command to report something they think is wrong?


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