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June 10, 2021
INSTRUCTIONS : Monet’s Nymphéas
June 10, 2021

Management Essay

 I am in charge of the last three characters

Eric Dale, Former Head of Risk Management (Stanley Tucci)

Sarah Robertson, Chief Risk Management Officer (Demi Moore)

Ramesh Shah, Legal Counsel (Aasif Mandvi)

Two pages. Must watch the movie

watch a movie http://www.watnik.net/306/margin/margin.html

assignment http://www.watnik.net/306/instructions/instructions_margin_call.html

reseach1 http://www.watnik.net/306/material/material_margin_call_research_02.html

reseach2 http://www.watnik.net/306/material/material_margin_call_research_01.pdf

reseach3 http://www.watnik.net/306/material/material_margin_call_research_03.html

reseach4 http://www.watnik.net/306/material/material_margin_call_research_04.html


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