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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021


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Recall that in the Unit 1 IP, you described your research topic ideas and drafted your problem, purpose, and question (the Trio). Then at Symposium I, you had the opportunity to further develop and refine the topic and Trio statements. Now you need to document your work from Symposium and discuss how and why you made those modifications. Write a paper that describes your initial thoughts and ideas for your dissertation research and the changes to Trio statements of problem, purpose and question based on your work at Symposium.Your paper should include the following:State your original research ideas related to your topic and why you are interested in this topic.  State your original problem statement, research purpose, and research question.  State your revised research topic and problem, purpose and research question.  Discuss what you learned at Symposium that helped you refine the topic and Trio statements.  How will the work that you did at Symposium help you progress in searching the literature and continue making progress toward your dissertation?  Support your problem, purpose, and research question by summarizing the literature that you have already reviewed and the literature that you added from your work at Symposium related to your topic.  Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed articles using APA format.


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