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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

Make factsheet, business and finance assignment help


Review the Harvard Business School Case (Brief Case) – #4130, dated June 19, 2009

Consider the following in your analysis:

 The main goal for this case is for Janet Mortensen to append a sort of “user guide” in her 2007 calculations;

 If she did append a “user’s guide” what might be her guidance for different types of project analysis at Midland such as capital budgeting and financial accounting, performance assessments, M&A proposals, and stock repurchase decisions;

 how might the cost of capital numbers differ or guidance differ for division-level versus corporate-level decisions;

 what guidance might she provide with validating the components used to compute the WACC;

 how would you compute a cost of capital for the Petrochemical division;

 what ‘actual’ firm would you use now as a pure play for the Petrochemical division.

Grading on Fact Sheet:

  • Overview and Assumptions – 10 points
    • Appropriateness of T-bond maturity used
    • Appropriateness of equity risk premium used
    • Appropriateness of using firm-level WACC for divisions
    • Approach to defining division-level cost of capital
  • Computation of firm-level WACC – 5 points
  • Computation of division-level cost of capital – 10 points
  • Approach used to compute cost of capital for PetroChemical Division – 5 points
  • User Guide Reccomendation – capital project valuation, asset projects, performance evaluation – 15 points
  • Format and Content – 5 points
  • Note
    • standard 1″ margins
    • single-spacing (text)
    • double-spacing between paragraphs
    • no paragraph indentation (left justified)
    • size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text
    • italicized or bold font for section headings
  • Also

    do the calculation

    Fact sheet pages must be more than 3 to 4 pages

    free Plagiarism.

    See attachment which is Information to compute WACC based upon different capital structures.

    See attachment which some examples of factshee

    Use one image and use several graphs


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