Joseph?Conrad?”Heart?of?Darkness”?and?Franz?Kafka?”Heart?of?Darkness”,?Thomas?Mann?”Tonio?Kroeger”?and Albert?Camus?”The?Stranger”

December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

Joseph?Conrad?”Heart?of?Darkness”?and?Franz?Kafka?”Heart?of?Darkness”,?Thomas?Mann?”Tonio?Kroeger”?and Albert?Camus?”The?Stranger”


Philosophy and Literature

W. Froman

Fall 2016

Answer two of the following three questions (each is worth 50 points). ? g

1. Both Joseph Conrad?s Heart of Darkness and F ranz. Kafl<a?s Metamorphosis are
about looking beneath the surface in one way or another. Explain, as thorOughly
as possible, howeach of these works is about looking beneath the surface and
what is found there in each case.

2. Both Thomas Mann?s T onio Kroeger and Albert Camus?s The Stranger are about
individuals who are, in one way or another, outsiders in regard to the social
circumstances in which they find themselves. Explain, as thoroughly as possible,
how each of these works is about an individual who finds himself an outsider.
Then explain, as thoroughly as possible, how, eventually, each character learns
more regarding himself, and include in your answer what each character learns
as well as how each character?s status as an outsider plays a role in how the
character comes to learn what he learns about himself.

2. Both Henry James?s The Beast in the Jungle and Samuel Beckett?s Waiting for
Godot are about waiting. Explain, as thoroughly as possible, how each of these
works is about waiting. Then, explain, as thoroughly as possible, what we might
learn from the waiting in each case about being human.


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