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April 4, 2021
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April 4, 2021

Interview Assignment

I would like you to complete the assignment with the information listed. You will need to develop 20 – 24 interview questions.

Leader Interview Assignment Learning from others’ successes and challenges is as old as humankind. This course asks you to arrange 1 leader interview of a community leader who is leading a team or an organization remotely. Currently of national emergencies and overall changes in the workplace, the ability to lead remotely is a critical skill set. Questions for that interview are to be developed by you based on your textbook concepts, extra readings I assign, and suggestions from your classmates’ interview discussion board. Remember this is an interview about leadership. A prepared question bank of at least 20 – 24 questions is suggested, though you may choose not to use some. It is expected that you will follow-up with good question discussion with your interviewee, just as a journalist might. Don’t just stick to the “script” when an interesting comment might bring additional insight.


The written interview assignment will include a cover page and your interview question listed on the second page. The third page begins the interview write-up. You will describe this person’s profession, educational background, and why you selected them. You will then craft their responses into a narrative, closing with at least a paragraph about what you learned about leadership from this person. Please use 12-point font and double space. Such papers usually run about 5 pages.


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