April 23, 2021
April 23, 2021

Information Warfare (INFOWAR)

Write a 2 page paper, no more than 2 pages on “What is Information Warfare (INFOWAR)?” In your own words, define and describe INFOWAR based on tactics, personnel, equipment, elements, tools, and targets or other traits that separate INFOWAR from a conventional threat. Include two real-world examples of INFOWAR used in a military conflict.


a. Introduction paragraph

b. Define INFOWAR and describe the elements of INFOWAR (using TC 7-100.2, chapter 7 INFORMATION WARFARE).

c. Discuss two real-world examples of INFOWAR used in a military conflict

d. Conclusion paragraph


  1. Begin with a clearly stated thesis (the point you want to prove) in your introduction and use the body of your paper to construct your argument. Rationally build your case, leading to the conclusion, which should be consistent with your thesis.

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or Turabian

Paper must be peer reviewed, Required sources (three minimum) including TC 7-100.2, chapter 7 INFORMATION WARFARE .

Paper Must be in Active Voice

Page Numbers: Bottom of page, centered


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