Genetics and Reproduction
September 16, 2020
English Portfolio revision of 2 essays self reflective essay 2 pages brief paragraph explaining revisions
September 16, 2020

I have test on Punctuation,

Please only address the underlined/underscored areas and the punctuation needed. Insert the “preferred” or a “permissible” punctuation mark where the punctuation mark is incorrect or non-existent. YOU ARE ONLY TO USE THE COMMA, THE COLON, OR THE SEMI-COLON PUNCTUATION MARKS. If the punctuation mark within an underlined area is already correct/permissible, simply write “correct” next to it. (Note: Not every underlined area demands punctuation at all; therefore, you might have to X out un-necessary punctuation marks.) DO NOT address any punctuation marks in the sentences below if the punctuation mark is NOT underlined/underscored; assume that it is correct. That is especially true of the “end” punctuation in each sentence: a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.

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