Health Nutrition Dietary Improvement Paper

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February 21, 2021
Complete the Assignment below
February 21, 2021

Health Nutrition Dietary Improvement Paper

1.5 page – You can make up some things or use your own feelings on last part. I will attach a copy of what I ate and how much I should eat.

A brief description (1 paragraph) of how your diet could be improved including what food groups and nutrients you need to increase or decrease. Also include a description of ways you can achieve these improvements such as eating fruit with breakfast or packing your lunch instead of frequenting fast food restaurants.

A brief report (1 page) that addresses:

A. Were you surprised at how much or how little your diet needed improving?

B. What feelings trigger you to eat when you’re not hungry?

C. What foods do you consume when you are happy, sad, bored, etc.?

D. Do you skip meals? If so, why?

E. How do money and time play a role in your eating?

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