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June 9, 2021
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June 9, 2021

Focus of the Research Paper

Focus of the Research Paper

This final research paper must
demonstrate the understanding of new learning in the field of supply chain
management and how the supply chain supports the organization’s business
strategy.  This is an assignment with a length of 10 to 15 pages (not including
title and reference pages) that should integrate the reading, multi-media and
class discussion boards.  You are required to utilize research from the
classroom text, as well as 6 to 8 additional sources from the internet or
online library to support your views.  At least two of these sources must
be from ProQuest.

Consider the validity of your resources carefully before using them in academic
papers.  It is recommended to use examples from your professional
experience where possible, or build from your learning in the discussion

In your 10- to 15-page research paper, you will describe both the business
strategy and supply chain strategy for your organization, or for a business
unit of your organization, or for some other organization for which you have
worked in the past and still retain contacts.  Your research paper will
describe how this organization aligns its business strategy with its supply
chain strategy (use the definition from page 26 of the text to guide you) if
they have a formal one. You are to expand this description and supplement it
with a critical analysis and suggested improvement steps/actions based on what
you have learned in this course. 

Key issues to address:

  • What opportunities exist to improve supply chain
    activities through better alignment of logistics and the company’s
    strategic plan?
  • In what ways can the supply chain integrate with logics
    in order to get goods and services moved effectively and
    efficiently? How might a company’s agility in terms of the supply chain
    and/or logistics improve the movement of goods and /or products?
  • What challenges does the interaction of supplier and
    manufacturers bring to the logistics management arena?
  • What processes could be adopted to increase value for
    the customer?
  • What are the impacts of Supply Chain Management on
    various organizational functions?
  • What are the financial implications of improving supply
    chain management for the company?
  • What “best practices” are available to support your


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