Strategy and action plan Unit 8 Assignment
April 4, 2021
8 Business Law Questions Why is it important to read the warranty and know if you are getting a Limited Warranty or a Full Warranty, business and finance homework help
April 4, 2021


  1. From the readings as well as outside resources, create a list of advantages and disadvantages to using KPI’s. Be sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages. Cite all of your references.
  2. From the readings and videos, identify at least 5 key performance indicators (KPI’s) that could help your client. Explain how each one will be helpful.
  3. Think more specifically about your client’s marketing strategy.  Think of three additional KPI’s (non-financial) not mentioned in the module that would be beneficial to you in helping your client measure performance on marketing and/or sales campaigns. Describe why these KPI’s could be helpful.



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