Economic Principles and Decision Making Essay

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December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

Economic Principles and Decision Making Essay

Traditionally, the study of economics is split into micro- and macroeconomics. This assessment requires the student to superimpose microeconomic concepts onto the broader macro-environment where business and leadership thinking abound. To do this effectively, the student will engage in deep, critical thinking on both technical and high-level issues as they demonstrate a thorough understanding of the market, estimate demand and then apply research and synthesis skills to illustrate current and historical thinking on labour and the nature of work in the context of contemporary social settings.

The student will perform a labour market analysis to give a traditional overview of the market and will then discuss how findings apply to everyday life and society broadly. In the analysis students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of traditional market theory and of economic methods, followed by a critical discussion informed by research. Assessment 1 should take the form of a consultative report which includes the following elements:
An introduction and context for the report;
A critical discussion of traditional supply and demand including their nature;
A regression analysis using the data provided and forecast future conditions;

A critical analysis founded on research into the concepts of nominal and real wages and their interrelationship;
A drawing together and synthesis of the arguments of the report into a convincing conclusion.


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