Documentation required in the medical record

DNP role and advanced practice issues
February 24, 2021
Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice
February 24, 2021

Documentation required in the medical record

Research the following on the medical documentation for nursing homes:

1. What type of documentation is required in the medical record for that setting?

2. Who are the providers of car who document in the record in that setting?

3. What regulatory standards for medical documentation must be adhered to in the healthcare setting?

4. What accrediting body provides accreditation for that setting?

Create a power point presentation, presentation must be done using 7×7 rule: each slide much have no more that 7 lines of text and no more that 7 words per line. A minimum of 10 slides including a cover slide with name, course information and a reference sides as the ending slide, done APA format. Graphics with text can be included on slides.


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