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April 7, 2021
Week 2 Touchpoint Reflection: Reimbursement Issues
April 7, 2021

Discussion Board Nursing Theory

Discussion Board. 

250 words minimum,  APA style. 2 references.

Reflect on the various settings in which family nurse practitioners are able to work. Currently in primary care, specifically community health centers, there is a significant need to hire more advanced practice nurses to meet the care needs of patients in both rural and urban populations. Read the article attached below and examine what role does the Community Nursing Practice Model have in achieving better access, care delivery and outcomes to patients living in underserved communities.

Identify 1 (one) MSN Essential most correlates to this discussion related to community nursing practice.

Nurse Practitioners in Community Health Settings Today Article:

I have also attached additional information pertaining to community health from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Four homes, representing a community

CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator:  


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