What are the potential costs of a workplace injury to both the injured party and the employer?, homework help
April 3, 2021
Community health #3
April 3, 2021


Please assess your own stress levels and coping styles by completing the following brief questionnaires as they apply to you: the Holmes and Rahe Life Stressors Scale, the Hassles and Uplifts Scale, and the Identification of Coping Styles worksheet. You will find links to each of these questionnaires within the Resources section. After you have completed these questionnaires, please think about your own stressors, patterns of reactivity, and coping methods and share your findings. Apply the concepts presented in this module as appropriate while addressing the following questions:

  • Are there specific types of situations that you find particularly stressful and do you attribute more of your stress to major life events or daily hassles?
  • Please analyze your coping methods in relation to their health benefits – are your coping strategies healthy? Why or why not?
  • Finally, have you noticed any connection between your own stress and health (either good health or poor health)?]


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