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December 5, 2017
discuss the oeuvre of a contemporary artist from the viewpoint of the quest for the transcendental.
December 5, 2017

Death and Resurrection of Jesus

RESEARCH ESSAY: The student will write a 2000 [ca. 7 pages] word term paper


  1. Introduction & Thesis Statement;
  2. Detailed content exposition of main texts and theme;
  3. Summary, Applications & Conclusion…

This paper must conform to the standard style for SPC term papers. It must include exegetical and theological research material and should make use of a variety of books [8-10], many which are listed in the bibliography [commentaries; monographs;]. It must be well written & documented

Death and Resurrection

Intro –

Paragraph 1 – Jesus’ arrest

Paragraph 2 – the crucifixion

Paragraph 3 – the dead Christ

Paragraph 4 – the entombment of Jesus

Paragraph 5 – The empty tomb

Paragraph 6 – the great commission

Conclusion –


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