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December 14, 2017
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship”
December 14, 2017


For each of the following pieces of evidence, indicate whether the item is more likely to possess class or individual characteristics and explain your answers.

a) An impression from a new automobile tire

b) A fingerprint

c) A spent bullet cartridge

d) A mass-produced synthetic fiber

e) Pieces of shredded document

f) Commercial potting soil

g) Skin and hair scrapings

h) Fragments of a multilayer custom automobile paint

i) A blood stain

2. A highly weathered skeleton is recovered from a remote wooded site. Only the upper torso and cranium were recovered. The clavicle is found to be unfused and cranium features a very prominent brow bone and sharp protruding mastoid process. What can be surmised about the victim’s identity from this information?
350-500 words
APA in text citation


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