Describe the characteristics that inform your perception, and explain which ones you would integrate into your own leadership style, as well as which ones you would prefer not to integrate.
June 6, 2021
Health care information System
June 6, 2021

Cinematherapy: Trauma Stewardship

Select and watch one movie from the following list:

· Precious

· Good Will Hunting

· American Sniper

· Prince of Tides

· Accused

· Lone Survivor

· The Impossible

· Hurt Locker

· Antwone Fisher

· Spotlight

Identify a character in the movie who has personally experience or who is connected to someone who has experienced a crisis or trauma. Imagine you have been providing therapy to this character. As you have been working with this client, you have experience trauma fatigue and issues.

Write a 5-page paper addressing the following items:

1. Summary of the character and trauma or crisis in the movie

2. Summary of the treatment plan you would use, including short- and – long term goals.

3. Description of the concept of trauma stewardship

4. Ways in which you may experience you own trauma responses while treating this patient.

5. Explain the five direction and describe ways you can use them for your client and yourself. 

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