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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Case Study

 Step 1: Using the following Case Study, create a meal plan.

Jackie is a healthy women.  She is 45 years old and 5’7″ tall.  Jackie’s current weight is 160 lbs.  She exercises 4-5 times per week but is struggling to meet her goal weight.  Jackie is seeking your clinical advice to lose 15 lbs in 3 months.  Her target weight goal is 145 lbs.

Write a basic meal plan for your client. (At least 4 days of food plan to help Jackie get started)

  • Include how many calories each day she will need to consume to lose 1-2 lbs each week. I expect actual numbers you can back up (what are the specific numbers for our client Jackie? I have attached some help)
  • Calculate her complete macro-nutrient breakdown including; total carb consumption, total fat consumption, total protein consumption
  • Explain the rationale for all of your choices (The chapter 10 slides will help especially 21-34) What is her energy requirement to stay the same (EER)?.  How many calories does she have to reduce to get to her goal? Please remember Jackie is your client not a dietitian or nutritionist. 


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