Nursing Discussion
June 1, 2021
June 1, 2021

Case Study

Please read case background information below and download the excel document in attachment. 

Background: each store (as specified in field “store_ID”) has multiple rate channels (as specified in field “rate_channel_id)” to sell their products. Rate channels get opened and ended now and then for various reasons. The longevity of a rate channel would largely impact the value of the rate channel for that store.

Objective: to calculate and demonstrate for each rate channel the distribution of longevity across stores, in data and graph.

A few special notes:

  1. since each rate channel for each store gets opened and closed now and then, some would be still active after being turned on and off a few times, while others might be terminated permanently already (as specified in “termination_flag”). Please take this into consideration when determining longevity of each rate channel by store
  2. please keep your calculation process in the sheet. If any coding is applied, please leave in your code
  3. manual calculation channel by channel store by store is discouraged
  4. for any questions, please feel free to feed back to recruiter and we will answer in time for your completion of the case study


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