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April 6, 2021
NR510-10372 week4 Ethical Issues And Organization Change
April 6, 2021

Business Research


Identify a website, advertisement, or piece of mail you received lately that
uses obsolete language, buzzwords you don’t understand, or esoteric language.
Rewrite the piece using plain language and other writing cues from Chapter 5.
Include the original text in your submission.

Identify a company that has been in the media in the last 12 months due to a
controversy. Find a communication from the company and identify a paragraph
that has at least 3 sentences. Evaluate the effectiveness of the paragraph at
three levels found in Chapter 5: overall paragraph structure, sentence
effectiveness, and the effectiveness of six words of your choosing. Write your
evaluation citing specific elements from the chapter.

Find a press release or professional communication from a credible organization
that could benefit from a revision. Revise the letter or release to make it
more effective, using the information from this module. Explain all of your
changes and the explanation for each. Include the original text in your

Find a Web page or personal blog that you feel has serious writing errors, such
as the ones outlined on Page 160 of the textbook. Make all of the necessary
changes to the page and explain what changes you made and why. Include the
original text in your submission.

If a friend told you she was starting a small business to sell handcrafted cat
figurines and was creating a website, what guidance would you give her on
developing a webpage that employed professional writing and communication
standards. Write up your advice, with a rationale for your main points.



Select a large, global organization that sells a well-established product or
service. Explain in detail how the company has used the various forms of
electronic media to connect with its customers over the past 2 years. Include
whether any missteps were made (offensive tweets, flopped advertising campaign,
etc.) and how they affected the company.

Drawing from your own experiences and interactions, explain in detail how
electronic media has changed your relationship with a company whose products or
services you have used for several years.

Describe in detail three common types of routine requests.

Think about a product you purchased recently that broke or did not live up to
your expectations. Write a positive letter to the company about the product,
the situation, and your desired outcome. Be clear, specific and in depth.

A former Intern has asked you to write a letter of recommendation. The Intern
in the accounting department did his job sufficiency but you didn’t like him
personally. Write a professional letter of recommendation.



Using the direct approach, write a fictional letter to your subordinates
explaining that there is a pay freeze in place for the next year and that no
raises or bonuses are being given out. From what you have been told, the pay
freeze is in place due to stock prices taking a 10% dive in the past 6 months,
as well as some bad press for your CEO’s alleged affairs.

Draft a letter to be sent to the 5 candidates who interviewed for a job opening
in your department, but were not selected. All candidates had excellent resumes
and all were well suited to the position, however they were not selected. You
would, however, like to keep their information on file to consider them for
potential openings. Write a letter – in as much detail as you feel is necessary
– to explain the situation to them.

Select a product from your medicine cabinet or bathroom closet and write a
persuasive marketing message for it that can be used in online advertising and
on the company’s social media pages.

Look online for a piece of product marketing that you feel bends the rules of
ethics. Explain what the company did, why it’s unethical, and how you’d change
if it you were in charge or marketing.

Go on Facebook and find the company pages of three candy bars or types of
cookies. Compare and contrast how the companies use their Facebook page to
promote their products and persuade consumers to purchase them. Include which
product is the most appealing to you and why, and which is the least appealing
and why. Use chapter 10 to guide your work.



Your supervisor is interested in possibly redesigning the office space of your
department (10 people) from individual offices to one large, shared workspace.
She has asked you to investigate the issue and write up a report for how she
should go about approaching the work: Who should she talk with, where should
she look for information, is there data, etc. Write up a short plan following
the guidance in Chapter 11.

If you were writing a recommendation report for an audience that doesn’t know
you, would you use the direct approach or indirect approach? Explain your

Write a proposal letter for how you would revamp the msn.com website home page
so that it appeals more to the 35-under audience.

Find a recent annual report online from a Fortune 500 company. Using the
information in Chapter 12, critique the report’s use of visual design and

Should the most experience member of a department have final approval of the
content for the department wiki? Why or why not?



Develop a 2 to 3 minute video that articulates your strengths as a leader and
manager. If you are not currently a leader or manager, nevertheless, articulate
the strengths you would bring to these roles. Use a standard video format like
MP4 or Apple Quicktime format. 

The textbook outlines nine ways to overcome fear and anxiety associated with
public speaking. Explain which you think is the one most important or
effective, based on your own experiences. Include how the type of audience
might influence the effectiveness of this particular technique.

Find a video of a business presentation that includes a PowerPoint presentation
on YouTube and analyze the presentation delivery using information from the

Using the same video from Question #3, now analyze the slide deck using
information from the textbook.


Signature Assignment Title: Module 8 Signature Assignment

Assignment Description/Directions:

to submit your work following the file naming convention
FirstInitial.LastName_M01.docx. For example, J.Smith_M01.docx. Remember that it
is not necessary to manually type in the file extension; it will automatically

by reading and following these instructions:

Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to
help you focus.

Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended
resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the
Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

Consider the discussions and any insights gained from it.

4. Create
your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style
as required, check your spelling.

Do not just answer the questions. Do not just answer the questions. You should
be able to explain the logic behind your answer and point to a credible source
to support your position, even if it is just the textbook. Invest your time
wisely, giving more time to the complex answers in order to ensure that you
demonstrate that you truly understand the answer. Shorter compelling answers
are fine. Answers with needless filler will be marked down. In addition
submissions should include a title page and reference page in APA style.


is a signature assignment for the School of Business and Technology BS in
Business Administration Program students. Store your submission with any
grading feedback in your Professional’s Portfolio and use the
following tag:



Using the information in Chapter 15, update your resume and submit it.

An exciting new start-up is seeking various talent to get a new product off the
ground and is accepting all applications. Write an application letter outlining
your skills and experiences, and the type of position you are seeking. Be sure
to include specifics about certain things you’ve done and the outcome they have
had on the company.

Write down 10 questions you think you might be asked in an interview and write
your responses. Then reflect upon your answers – perhaps even have a friend or
family member read them – and determine if your answers could or should be
improved upon to better help your chances of being selected to join the

Write a one-page description of what you think is appropriate dress and
appropriate behaviors for a job interview with a conservative Fortune 100 firm.

According to experts in the job-placement field, the average job seeker relies
too heavily on the resume and not enough on other elements. Explain some of the
other elements candidates should consider when interviewing for jobs. 

Life is filled with hard knocks. Arguably what defines a person is how they
rebound from hard knocks. Businesses are many times interested in how job
applicants have handled personal or business failure in their past. If an
interviewer asked you about a time where life brought you to your knees and how
you successfully handled the event, how would you respond? Your response should
include what was the failure? How did this failure help you to become a better
person, make better decisions, or succeed in a way you hadn’t imagined? Do you
believe that failure is important? Why or why not?

According to a variety of sources, your attitude is the #1 factor in getting or
losing a job. Why do you think attitude is rated highest? How does an employer
get a sense of one’s “attitude” during an interview? How would you define a
positive attitude? A negative attitude? Developing a positive attitude starts
from learning to believe in one’s self. In order to believe in ourselves, we
must first understand our personal strengths. List and discuss your personal
strengths and how they may be beneficial to would be employers. 


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