BSA/500 Business Systems I Assignment – Business Process Re-Engineering

April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

BSA/500 Business Systems I Assignment – Business Process Re-Engineering

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  • 2.12.1 Align information solutions with business goals.Goal Set & CategoryBSA_500Course Objective

Assignment Content

  1. Note: You will be referring to this completed assignment later in the Week 3 assignment.

    For this assignment, you are a business IT consultant. You have been contracted by a nationwide taxi service called Carz. The company is looking to modify its service delivery to be more competitive. They want you to examine the feasibility of adopting elements of the Uber® and Lyft® delivery services and produce a business process re-engineering plan.

    One of the proposals already being considered is incorporating a web chat interface to entice web-savvy prospective customers to self-schedule taxis (in addition to traditional telephone and email requests). However, the customer pay interface is still the traditional system, fully dependent on drivers/operators calling into the central booking system office when rides are over and are available for the next pickup. You, as the consultant, will evaluate the proposed addition and also your own modifications to the business process.

    Management will consider any recommendations, such as incorporating specific, isolated elements of Uber’s and Lyft’s service model to a complete changeover from Carz’s traditional taxi service to an Uber- or Lyft-type peer-to-peer model.

    To complete this assignment:

    Research service models employed by Uber and Lyft.

    Consider the decision-making processes discussed in this week’s readings.

    Write a 2-page business process re-engineering plan that includes:

    • A recommendation for adding an Uber- or Lyft-inspired element to Carz’ traditional service model.
    • A discussion of the potential benefit of adding a webchat service request component to Carz’ service model.
    • An analysis of the potential negative impact your recommendation(s) may have on the existing workforce and the local communities where Carz operates.
    • Include recommendations to mitigate any negative impact you identify.
    • A summary of the decision-making process you used to determine your recommendations
    • Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.   This is the Week 3 Assignment for informative purpose only:

Wk 3 Assignment – Applying Business Data and Intelligence Strategies to Business Systems [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Note: This assignment builds on the assignment you completed in Week 2.

    For this assignment, you are part of a data auditing team. In anticipation of adapting their process to be more like Uber/Lyft (and less like a traditional taxi service), Carz has retained you to analyze the data associated with the re-engineered business process you submitted earlier. You will be creating a 2-page data analysis report in Microsoft® Word to communicate to leadership the extent to which Carz’ data (including any new data you may have proposed to capture in your Week 2 assignment) currently meets generally accepted quality characteristics.

    To complete this assignment:

    1. Review the business process plan you submitted in Week 2. Consider the business data Carz must acquire, manage, and store to implement your plan. Consider data associated with every aspect of the business, including, but not limited to, customers, services, and drivers.
    2. Identify the data sets or groupings (such as driver-related information, customer-related information, etc.) involved in Carz’ business model.
    3. For each data set, analyze the extent to which the data can be expected to meet the characteristics of high-quality data as described in Ch. 6 of Business Driven Information Systems. In addition, analyze the risk to the organization posed by the data failing to meet those quality characteristics.
    4. Format your analysis report as a Microsoft Worddocument.
    5. Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.

your assignment.


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