April 7, 2021
Social Determinants Of Health
April 7, 2021


Read the following articles, which can be accessed in the Trident library:
Purcell, N., & Cutchen, L. (2013). Diabetes self-management education for African Americans: Using the PEN-3 model to assess needs. American Journal of Health Education, 44(4), 203-212.
Lindberg, N. M., Stevens, V. J., & Halperin, R. 0. (2013). Weight-loss interventions for Hispanic populations: The role of culture. Journal of Obesity, 2013, 542736.
Choose ONE of the articles' topics to focus on for the rest of the SLP. You will use the information in the
selected publication as you go through the phases of applying the PEN-3 model to develop a hypothetical health education program.
Write a three-page paper that includes the following:
1.	Provide a brief overview of the health issue among the population in the article selected above, statistics about the scope of the problem, and its implications for health.
You may consider selecting one of the Module readings:
= Whembolua, Conserve & Tshiswaka, 2015: Selected population is African Americans, and the Health issue is Diabetes; or
= Shahbazi, Ghofranipour, Amiri & Rajab, 2018: Selected Population is Hispanics, and the Health issue is Obesity.
2.	Describe the Cultural Identity of the population. Specifically address how each of the PEN-3 model's three factors within Cultural Identity applies to the chosen population and provide examples. Use subheadings to clearly show that you have addressed each of the three factors. For instance, for the Whembolua, Conserve & Tshiswaka, 2015 article:
= Person — Describe cultural values, beliefs, attitudes unique to African Americans and how these individual characteristics relate to individual health seeking behavior
= Extended Family — Describe the role of the extended family in health decision making, cultural beliefs on health and illnesses etc.
= Neighborhood — Describe the role of community influence on health behaviors, community support structures, if any etc.
= Support your discussion with references from scholarly and professional references (not just your opinion).
3.	Reflect on the required readings, the article you choose for this assignment, and your own beliefs. Then, briefly describe how culture influences health care and what you learned that could help you effectively interact with diverse cultures in the health care setting.
Length: 3 pages, excluding the cover page and the reference list.


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