Elements of a Marketing Report
December 14, 2017
Describe your recommended approach and the expected impact of that approach on job performance.
December 14, 2017

Analysis of Public Relations Tactics

A mark of a professional is being able to analyze and evaluate information using objective criteria rather than making haphazard and capricious judgments. The purpose of this assignment is to apply objective evaluation criteria to organizational Web sites.

select two Web sites maintained by for-profit or nonprofit organizations (not by individuals).
One selection should be an example of a Web site you consider effective; the other, ineffective.
Using first the effective Web site and then the ineffective one, identify and/or discuss each of the following:

Part 1: Sponsoring organization, specific Web URL, and intended or likely key public(s) or audience(s).

Part 2. Reliability of the information, including whether the site has a unique domain name associated with the organization and the stability or prestige of the Web site publisher.

Part 3: Validity of the information, in terms of accuracy or honesty, expertise or authority of the information provider, documentation of sources, objectivity and freedom from bias on the part of the information provider, currency and lack of obsolescence of the information, and comprehensiveness of coverage.

Part 4: User friendliness, including accessibility of the site, loading time, ease of navigation within the site, and internal logic within the site.

Part 5: Effectiveness of the written content of the Web site.

Part 6: The effectiveness of the visual content of the Web site.

Part 7: Any ethical issues or questions this Web site raises in your mind.

Part 8: The main competitors of the sponsoring organization, and the type of Web sites used by these competitors.

Part 9: Personal evaluation, including a discussion of your likes and dislikes about the site, as well as your constructive criticism for improving the site and your recommendation for other users.The effectiveness of the visual (nonverbal) content of the ad.

Part 10: What you have learned from this assignment.


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