adolescent depression or adolescent suicide.

Compare and contrast colonial slavery in the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Make sure to list each state in each region, the population dynamics, the difference in slave codes, and how the climate dictate which type of slavery dominated each region
February 6, 2018
Review the instructions for your Final Paper located in Week Six of your online course. As part of your Final Paper, you are asked to research and identify solutions implemented at five other hospitals in the U.S. that were dealing with the same issues. Create an outline illustrating five solutions implemented at five other hospitals, including key details.
February 6, 2018

adolescent depression or adolescent suicide.

As adolescents separate from their parents and gain a sense of control, sometimes they are unable to balance stresses. As a result, depression may occur, and, at times, suicide may be the outcome. Choose the topic of either adolescent depression or adolescent suicide. Discuss contributing factors and signs and symptoms that may be observed or assessed in these clients. Describe primary, secondary, and tertiary methods of health prevention for this topic. Research community and state resources and describe at least two of these for your chosen topic. What nursing interventions could you use to assist an adolescent you suspect is depressed beyond referring the adolescent to a state or community resource?

Chosen topic

Contributing factors

Signs & Symptoms

Community & State Resources (at least 2)

Nursing Interventions for depressed Teen



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