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April 3, 2021
Cash Study Reflection: Moneyball
April 3, 2021


 For this project,

Part 1 – Create a
hypothetical service/merchandising company. 
It must include sales of merchandise along with revenue from performing
services. You will determine your company name, services to be provided and the
product to be sold.  You will be assigned
prices.   You will include the following
on the first page of the project (see template):

service hour and per unit of product sold along with the cost of goods

unit of product sold is emailed to you)

Part 2 – General Journal (LO3-2) – Post the following journal entries to the
general journal.  

Trans. Date Description
1 Dec. 1 Sell 45,000 shares of no-par value common stock
for $130,000 to obtain the funds necessary to start your business.
2 Dec. 1 Borrow $30,000 from the local bank and sign a
one-year note.  Interest and principal
to be paid at maturity.   The interest
rate is 6%.
3 Dec. 1 Purchase equipment necessary for business
operations for $25,000 cash. The equipment has a five-year life with a
residual value of $4,000.
4 Dec. 1 Pay one year of rent in advance, $24,000
($2,000 per month).
5 Dec. 1 Purchased vehicle for $40,000. It has a 4-year
useful life with residual value of $4,000.
6 Dec. 3 Purchase supplies on account, $1,000.
7 Dec. 3 Purchase 300 units of inventory with cash.
8 Dec. 6 Provide 25 hours of services to
customers for cash (calculate using your hourly service rate) no terms
9 Dec. 10 Sell 200 units of inventory on account.
(Perpetual method = 2 entries)
10 Dec. 12 Sell 50 units of inventory to a customer on
account with a sales discount of 2/10, n/30. (Perpetual method= 2 entries)
11 Dec. 15 Purchase an additional 300 units of inventory
on account with terms 4/10 net 30. 
12 Dec. 20 The customer who purchased product on December
12th pays the amount due (within discount period).
13 Dec. 23 Receive cash in advance for 25 hours of
to be completed in the future. 

14 Dec. 25 Company pays invoice for inventory purchased on December 15th within
discount terms.
15 Dec. 31 Sell 200 units of inventory to a customer who signs a 6-month
promissory note at 10% interest for the balance due. (end of month so no
interest would be accrued) perpetual method = 2 entries
16 Dec. 31 Pay employee salaries, $4,000.
17 Dec. 31 Pay cash dividends to shareholders,
18 Dec. 31 Vehicle did not meet expectations sold back to
dealership for $38,000. (Record depreciation at date of sale and then record

 Part 3
– General Ledger (LO3-2) – Post the information from the journal entries into
the general ledger an calculate balances.  

Part 4 – Trial Balance (LO3-2) – Prepare a trial balance from the
information in the general ledger.   

Part 5 – Adjusting journal Entries – (LO3-3) – Post the following adjusting
entries to the general journal

Adj-1 Dec. 31 Record
the portion of the Prepaid Rent used in December.
Adj-2 Dec. 31 The
company has $400 of supplies left at month end.
Adj-3 Dec. 31 Record
one month of depreciation for the equipment purchased on December 1st.  The equipment has a useful life of 5 years
and a $4,000 residual value.
Adj-4 Dec. 31 Provide
10 hours of services that were paid in advance on December 23rd
Adj-5 Dec. 31 Record
the receipt of a December $300 utility bill to be paid  on January 5th
Adj-6 Dec. 31 Record
accrued interest on the $30,000 – 1 year note payable.  The annual interest rate is 6%.  Interest is paid on note maturity.
Adj-7 Dec. 31 Employees
earned $1,000 the last week in December that will be paid on January 10th
of next year.
Adj-8 Dec. 31 Estimate
that 3% of the accounts receivable at the end of the year will not be
collected and record bad debt adjustment.
Adj-9 Dec. 31 Record
Income Tax at a 21% rate to be paid next year.

Part 6 – General Ledger – Post the adjusting entries to the General

Part 7 – Adjusted Trial Balance (LO3-3) – Post the ending balances in each
account from the General Ledger to the Adjusted Trial Balance.  Debits should equal credits if you have done
the prior steps correctly.

Part 8– Prepare the end of the year Income Statement (LO3-4).

Part 9 – Prepare the end of the year Retained Earnings Statement (LO3-4).

Part 10 – Prepare the end of the year Balance Sheet (LO3-4).

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